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Center Fire Station
1082009_70242_0.jpgThe Center Fire Station is staffed 24 hours a day by:

1 Captain - assigned as the shift supervisor for all stations.

1 Lieutenant and 2 Firefighters - assigned to Engine 1 to perform fire fighting, rescue, emergency medical response, and inspectional services.

2 Firefighter/EMTs - assigned to the Basic Life Support Ambulance 1 (A-1).  This ambulance is the primary ambulance for any medical emergency within the Town.

9222014_51227_0.jpgEngine 1 is a 2008 Pierce Velocity Pumper.

Key Benefits
Staffed by full-time by one Lieutenant and two Firefighters with Emergency Medical Technician certification.
Capable of pumping 1,500 gallons of water per minute through six pre-connected hand lines and one pre-connected master stream device.
A state of the art thermal imaging camera is carried on board along with a variety of search and rescue devices and systems to aid in emergency operations.
Medically equipped to provide basic life support equivalent to a BLS ambulance.

 Ambulance 1 (A-1) is a 2013 Ford E-450 Horton Ambulance.   952014_51030_0.jpg

Key Benefits
        Staffed by full-time by two Firefighters with Emergency Medical         Technician certification.
        This emergency BLS ambulance is equipped to handle a variety of         medical conditions and injuries.
        The latest tools and equipment are standard on this vehicle.

        Our EMTs are trained in the latest skills available to provide the      highest level of service possible to the community.

        Nasal Naloxone (Narcan) is now carried on the Town's ambulances         and fire engines to assist in the treatment of opioid overdoses.


Car 3 is a 2011 Ford Expedition Command Vehicle. 

Key Benefits
Car 3 is staffed by the on-duty captain.  The captain is responsible for the management and mitigation of all fire and medical emergency incidents within the community.  The captain oversees the daily operation of fire department personnel and equipment.

This vehicle was purchased through a grant program by the fire department for use as an incident command vehicle.  The latest tools and equipment are carried in this vehicle to aid the incident commander in hazard identification and scene management.



Rescue 1  is a 1999 International Heavy Rescue Vehicle.

Key Benefits
This unit is not permanently staffed.  When the unit is needed at a call, a motor vehicle accident for example, a firefighter from Engine 1 is temporarily assigned to the Rescue to bring it to the accident scene.  The remaining Lieutenant and Firefighter respond on Engine 1, with the Rescue, to provide needed manpower on the accident scene to operate needed rescue tools and equipment.

This vehicle is equipped with hydraulic extrication tools (the Jaws of Life), cold water and confined space rescue equipment, hazardous material containment devices, and a variety of search and rescue gear.  This vehicle is also used as a lighting unit and is outfitted with an air cascade system used at fire and hazardous material scenes to refill air breathing cylinders.


Ladder 1 is a 1986 E-One Ladder Truck

Key Benefits
This unit has a 110' aerial ladder and a variety of ground ladders on board.  It carries rescue, extrication, and ventilation tools along with emergency medical equipment.  It responds within the community and to neighboring communities as needed.  

This unit is not permanently staffed.  When the ladder truck is needed at a call, a building fire for example, the engine company from the sub-station furthest from the incident responds to the Center Fire Station to staff it.  That engine company in effect becomes a ladder company and the engine is temporarily taken out of service.