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Residential Plan Review
For Residential Plans Review, please bring your plans to:

Tewksbury Fire Department
21 Town Hall Avenue
Tewksbury, MA 01876

Effective January 1, 2010
Revised August 10, 2010

What you need to bring:

*       Three (3) sets of plans with smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors designed and located on the plans by a Massachusetts licensed and knowledgeable electrician, fire protection engineer, or architect.  One set will be retained by the Fire Department for our reference.

*       Each floor plan (basement, first, second, ect.) must show the entire floor for each level of the residence including existing rooms, garages, basements, walk-up attic spaces, and proposed additions as they will appear when the work is complete.

*       Your plans must have all vaulted or raised ceilings labeled, whether existing or proposed.

*       You must show and label all rooms, bathrooms, closets, and stairways within the residence.

*       On all plans please write the street address and homeowner or contractor's name and phone number on the front page.

*       Plans do not have to be "professionally" drawn in blueprint form for Fire Department purposes, however, the drawings must be in proportion to actual measurements.

*       Any substantial addition will require the installation of a complete hardwired smoke and cabon monoxide detector system throughout the residence.  Hardwired systems are required to be backed-up by a battery powered supply in the event of loss of electricity within the residence and heat detectors will be required in garages that are attached to the residence.  A U.L. approved and listed wireless fire alarm system may be used provided the component locations are in compliance with the fire and building codes.

      A "substantial addition" is considered any permanent, all-season living or garage space that is added beyond the existing residential space.  Finishing an existing unfinished basement would require the entire fire alarm system to be updated to today's code if a bedroom or other room capable of providing a sleeping environment is being added.  Secondary means of egress must meet current buidling and life safety codes.  Building permits would need to be obtained from the Building Department for the work to be done.

Plans can usually be reviewed and stamped on the same day by the lieutenant on duty at the Center Fire Station at 21 Town Hall Avenue.  Plans should give the reviewing lieutenant a view of each floor of the home as it will appear when construction is complete.

There is no fee for having plans reviewed and stamped.  A $25.00 fee will be due when the licensed electrician performing the installation applies for a permit to install the detectors.

NOTE:  If ANY changes are made to the floor plans during construction, please call the Fire Department to have the changes reviewed for proper placement of smoke and heat detectors.  You may not pass the final inspection if alterations of the floor plan have taken place without having the alterations reviewed by the Fire Department.

For your final inspection, you will need to apply for a smoke detector inspection permit and have clearly visible house numbers on the street side of your residence preferably near, but not on, the front door.