Town of Tewksbury
1009 Main Street, Tewksbury, MA 01876
Fleet Maintenance Division
A Division of the Department of Public Works
Contact TypeContact Information
Larry Gilbert, Fleet Maintenance Division Supervisor
999 Whipple Road 
Tewksbury ,MA 01876 
Mission Statement:
The Fleet Maintenance Division strives to ensure that the Town’s fleets are always operational and well maintained by providing an efficient and effective maintenance and repair program.

Description of Services:
The Fleet Maintenance Division is responsible for service, repairs, and supplies to fuel and maintain 113 pieces of the Department of Public Works and Utility equipment. Department of Public Works mechanics maintain other department vehicles, including 35 Police Division vehicles, four Parks & Recreation vehicles, and three Engineering and Community Development vehicles.  Also various small engine equipment (lawn mowers, snow blowers, leaf blowers, generators, etc.) are maintain by the Fleet Maintenance Division.  Fuel, parts, and supplies account for the majority of Fleet Maintenance's expenses.  The Division reviews Public Works equipment every year and makes recommendations for replacement within the capital budget.