Town of Tewksbury
1009 Main Street, Tewksbury, MA 01876
About Us
1082009_93226_0.pngThe Tewksbury Recycling Committee (TRC) is a town committee reporting to the Tewksbury Town Manager.  It is comprised of volunteers who would like to both reduce costs of refuse collection/disposal as well as attempt to “do what’s right” for our part of the world.

Some of the goals that the TRC attempts to achieve include:

  • Reduce the total amount of disposable solid waste, thereby saving money   for the residents of Tewksbury;
  • Promote public awareness of recycling and related issues;
  • Advance recycling for residents of multifamily housing;
  • Protect our environment by keeping toxins and other materials out of disposal facilities; and
  • Assist with household hazardous waste collection and proper disposition programs;
Meetings are typically held once a month in the library, but this schedule can change due to various circumstances.  Non-members are welcome and encouraged to attend with questions.  Please check the town website for meeting announcements and don’t hesitate to contact a member to confirm a meeting time/location.


Anyone curious about the TRC and/or wondering if they can help without taking up too much of their free time can certainly contact any member and talk about things.  There are many opportunities for both long-term volunteers and single-event volunteers.  All help is welcome and encouraged!!