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The Massachusetts Department of Revenue, (DOR), requires all cities and towns to revalue all property once every three years.  DOR closely monitors the revaluation project from planning to data quality to analysis to conclusion. Revaluation certification by DOR is required before the tax rate can be set for the following fiscal year.

Additionally, in the interim years, assessed values must be kept at between 90% and 110% of full market value.

The objective of the revaluation is to ensure that all property is fully and fairly assessed.

The Board of Assessors will use approximately 600 property sales to set values for all 11000 parcels in the town. The sales used are those determined to be reflective of the market. Sales between family members or business associates, for example, will not be used in this analysis.

DOR requires that sales be analyzed in several different ways. Depending on the number of sales available, these may include, among others;

By use
Residential, Commercial, etc.
By style
Cape, Ranch, etc.
By time
January to March, April to June, etc.
By price
Lowest 25%

This analysis will determine how much values in a particular class have to be increased to arrive at full and fair assessments in all classes of property.  As a result, assessments in one class may increase by a higher percentage than assessments in another class.

Nothing in the revaluation process effects PROPOSITION 2½ levy limits.