Town of Tewksbury
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Massachusetts General Laws provide for over 50 different categories of exemptions.  An exemption is simply a release from the requirement to pay the full tax due on a piece of property. The exemption may be for the entire tax due or for part of it. Exemptions may be based on use (farm land, cemeteries) or ownership (federal government, charities).  Individual exemptions are available, under very specific conditions, for, among others, disabled veterans and their widows and elderly homeowners. The eligibility rules for veterans and elderly exemptions are shown below. Contact the Assessors office for information on other exemptions and on the tax deferral/recovery program.

The Application for Statutory Exemption form may be used to apply for either an Elderly or Veterans exemption. The application must be received within 3 months after the mailing of the actual tax bill Typically the due date is around April 1.